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Online music has taken over. It has run the album and CD purchases pretty much out of business. It wasn't that long ago that people were buying 33s and 45s at record stores, grocery stores, and whereever else anything was sold. Then came the cassette tapes and CDs, which began to alter the landscape of where you could buy music. We now had CD stores instead of record stores. The record stores became "rare record stores" because regular vinyl albums were quickly disappearing.

But then came the internet and behold, the CD stores soon started disappearing. Instead of spending your time getting into the car, paying for gas to drive to the store, perusing the different selections, waiting in line to buy a CD or cassette, and then driving home, you could now simply go online and find the music you wanted, order it, and be done within a couple of minutes.

And nowadays, you no longer have to buy the entire album. When record stores and then later CD stores offered their music selections, you pretty much had to buy the entire album at full price, which meant you even had to pay for songs you didn't even like. Now, you simply go online and buy the one song that you want without the need to spend extra, like you did for a full CD or record album back in the day. Yes, online sales have drastically changed the way we shop, sometimes for the good and sometimes not.

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